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Kód projektuNázovPrijímateľSchválený projektový grantStav
BIN 01_2021_001 Digital Energy Service Platform KOOR, s.r.o. 865 832 €Active
BIN 01_2021_005 Clean electro charging MARTEL Trade s.r.o. 574 289 €Active
BIN 01_2021_007 Ecological CNG in industry and logistics LUBEX, s.r.o. 383 551 €Active
BIN 01_2021_010 Development of Smart Furniture with Artificial Intelligence and Medical Devices NOVOTA ART, s.r.o. 1 874 680 €Active
BIN 01_2021_012 Research and development activities of innovative technology of intelligent cultivation line REVOL TT Consulting s. r. o. 1 388 110 €Active
BIN 01_2021_013 Oversen - keep an eye on your beloved seniors EMM, s.r.o. 486 551 €Active
BIN 01_2021_015 Community ERP in Cloud Asseco Solutions, a.s. 883 149 €Active
BIN 01_2021_016 Innovation of plastic waste recycling system Greentech Slovakia s.r.o. 200 000 €Active
BIN 01_2021_017 Ecologization of tyre bead production by technological innovations in machinery and processes VIPO, a.s. 703 074 €Active
BIN 01_2021_020 Integrated system of active preventive home care for the elderly and chronically ill Diagnose.me a. s. 804 361 €Active
BIN 01_2021_021 Micro Pirana ROEZ, s.r.o. 372 750 €Active
BIN 01_2021_024 Innovation of the production process of the natural thermal and accoustic insulation from sheep wool Wool Style s. r. o. 416 949 €Active
BIN 02_2021_002 Bridging the gap for people with food restrictions - Safe Food BA Solar, s.r.o. 764 626 €Active
BIN 02_2021_024 Applied research for the improvement of acoustic properties of mobile noise barriers BAMIDA s.r.o. 1 197 230 €Active
BIN 02_2021_025 Competitiveness of the company by purchasing new technology ELEKTRO RECYCLING, s.r.o. 202 500 €Active
BIN SGS01_2020_003 mFIRES – Modular First Responder Information System INTELLOPE, s.r.o. 169 569 €Active
BIN SGS01_2020_005 OPATRIO: Web-based application for home care service management PROROZVOJ, s. r. o. 160 488 €Active
BIN SGS01_2020_012 SELITEX - Second Life for Textile WAKIVAKY j.s.a 194 787 €Active
BIN SGS01_2020_023 Energy savings and a better environment for children with attendance analysis Zachráň včely s.r.o. 154 350 €Active
BIN SGS01_2020_026 Replacement of Obsolete Wave Energy for the third generation niore Energy, s.r.o. 159 750 €Active
BIN SGS01_2020_030 Green roof, energy and water flow model Sky Gardens, s.r.o. 144 513 €Terminated
BIN01_2021_009 Research of mobile zero waste technology for regeneration of used sorbents from industry DEKONTA Slovensko, spol. s r.o. 433 674 €Active